Immediate 24/7 Service

Mr. Sewer Rooter is your number one choice for sewer repair, sewer replacement, sewer cleaning, and we can provide special services including video inspection of your sewer lines, hydrojetting of your sewer lines and pipes, as well as trenchless pipe bursting, and sewer rehabilitation using C. I. P. P. liners, which are Los Angeles City approved cured in-place pipe.

Our methods will save you money, give you the fastest results, peace of mind, value for your dollar and complete satisfaction. And what many homeowners love is that our technology will preserve your landscaping and save you the headaches that old-style trenching can cause.

Call 24/7 for Immediate Service: (310) 903-3489 or (323) 295-1156

Mr. Sewer Rooter has been serving your neighbors and your neighborhood for over 20 years, and we are proud that so many of our customers recommend us to their friends and neighbors.

We have our own crews.

We have the newest technology.

We clean drains, replace sewer pipes and rehabilitate sewer pipes.

We have hydrojetting and video inspection of sewer blockages and problems.

We keep all the work "in house" and we perform all the work with our own people and equipment.

Mr. Sewer Rooter services private homes as well as commercial property. And all of our customers throughout the Southern California metropolitan area always guaranteed the best service and prices.