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Mr. Sewer Rooter is a family owned and operated business that specializes in residential and commercial sewer and drain solutions. Mr. Sewer Rooter has been providing sewer cleaning services to Los Angeles for over a quarter of a century and is eager to exceed your high expectations. Proudly serving all of Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas, our professional sewer technicians have the necessary licenses, equipment, and experience to tackle any type of drain and sewer jobs. From rooter services and hydro jetting to street excavation sewer replacement, we get all your needs done right every time.

Our Los Angeles sewer experts are passionate about what they do. In fact, we continue to train our technicians on the latest methods and technologies, such as video sewer inspections or trenchless pipe replacement, to benefit our customers. These innovations allow us to keep our prices affordable and ensure faster yet lasting solutions.

With such a focus on customer satisfaction, our plumbers are ready to take care of any problems your home may be afflicted with. With 24/7 service and no off-hour charges, it’s easy to see why Mr. Sewer Rooter is so highly rated amongst past customers!

To get started, contact Mr. Sewer Rooter at (323) 688-4565 for a free estimate from our Los Angeles sewer experts!


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Solving All Your Drain & Sewer Problems in Los Angeles, CA

Our Los Angeles sewer service technicians understand how difficult it is to go about your day-to-day with a clogged drain or collapsed sewer line. As fellow homeowners, we’ve been in your situation before. That is why we strive to provide you with the prompt, reliable service you deserve. We are also always looking for innovative ways to better serve your home or commercial space.

With in-house equipment, internal employees, and proper licenses on every job, our local company has the capacity to go above and beyond what is expected of us. Call us now to request an appointment with our Los Angeles sewer experts. We provide free estimates as well as a complimentary video camera inspection on any drain or sewer service. For your convenience, Mr. Sewer Rooter also offers financing options.

Helpful Tips for Dealing With Sewer Backups

If your home’s sewer system backs up, there are several things that need to be done, including:

  • Caution. Minimizing yours and others in the house’s exposure to waste materials is of utmost importance. Quarantining the incident area should be your first task. When a sewer backs up, the amount of contaminants and unhealthy materials delivered is staggering. Make sure to do anything possible to keep children and pets clear of the area. The risk to their health is not worth it!
  • More caution. If you’re in need of possessions in the affected area, make sure to put on adequate personal protective equipment (PPE). Rubber gloves and boots should be used to minimize the chances of exposure to harmful elements. Wearing a face mask is also advisable to reduce contact with airborne contaminants.
  • Evacuate. When all’s said and done, your main goal should be to leave the premises. However, there are a couple of things you can do to help minimize damage to the home. Protecting your HVAC system may need to be a priority if it is in harm’s way. First, make sure to switch off your home’s heating or cooling equipment. Keeping the vents clear is also important. We would recommend using old towels to surround vents in order to minimize invasive materials rummaging through your vents. In any case, getting the family and pets out is a top priority!
  • Cut the Power. While evacuating everyone out and protecting your HVAC system are both important steps to take, shutting off the power to the affected area can be even more important. The last thing you want to do is enter a room that has pooled water in it with the possibility of that moisture being electrically charged. Beyond the environmental risks, electric shocks can also endanger the lives of residents. Electrical shorts, in combination with water, can create other risk factors in the home. Our best advice is to shut the juice down in order to prevent further damage to people and property.
  • Put in Plugs. If this is your first experience with sewer backups, chances are that it won’t happen very often. Neighborhoods that experience heavy flooding may be unable to keep up with the influx of storm water, giving rise to backups originating in the main line. Although it may sound primitive these days, putting plugs into your home’s drains can do much to alleviate the concerns of damage, especially if you are forced to leave the home for any period of time. Newer homes often come with different valves to protect your home from just such an occurrence. If local authorities suggest that you plug your home, it is definitely a wise idea to do so. Often, damming the lower level of your home is enough to prevent the onslaught of waste that can enter the premises. This method will require some planning and shopping beforehand, though, so be sure to be prepared!
  • Organize Cleanup. If you end up being responsible for the cleanup process, it is important to be expedient and thorough in your work. Being able to dry out the excess moisture and nullify the harmful substances is an amazing way to prevent future problems and costly repairs. If you take too much time, your home will become a hotbed for mold and bacteria. Avoid this by cleaning the problem up quickly and thoroughly!
  • Call for help. Once you, the children, and pets are isolated from the disaster area, make sure to call a top-notch plumber right away. Customers often ask, and yes, this definitely constitutes as a need for emergency plumbing. Often times, a rooter service is needed to clear any real obstructions in the line, ranging from miscellaneous gunk to invasive tree roots. In the latter’s case, more extensive work may be needed. In any case, promptly calling a 24/7 plumber is vital for obtaining a speedy solution and preventing further damages.

About Los Angeles 

Incorporated in 1850, Los Angeles has a long, rich history and was originally home to the Chumash and Tongva indigenous peoples. Today, Los Angeles has 3.973 million residents, and the greater Los Angeles Metro Area is home to over 13 million, making it the largest city in California. Covering a wide geographic area, Los Angeles is perhaps most famous for its connection to the entertainment industry, earning it the nickname Tinseltown. Visitors to the city can return to the Golden Age of Hollywood by visiting the many historic sites around the city, including Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the famed Sunset Strip. Looking to enjoy the coastal lifestyle? We recommend visiting the Santa Monica Pier or strolling along the Venice Canals Walkway. As proud Angelenos, there's nowhere else we'd rather be. 


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