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Why Tree Roots Love Your Old Sewer Pipes

Why Tree Roots Love Your Old Sewer Pipes

Trees get a lot of flack for spreading their roots in places they aren’t wanted, whether it’s the foundation of your home or your sewer pipes. However, we always try to make the case (in agreement with many arborists) that it is not your tree’s fault that there are roots in your sewer line — it’s the result of bad pipes and bad rooter plumbing.

Why Tree Roots Tend to Make Their Way Into Sewer Pipes

Sewer pipes used to be built in sections from clay, pieced together with tar combining the joints. Eventually plumbers evolved to PVC piping, but even these plastic systems weren’t seamless. When trees grow, they send out smaller shoots that work to find the best source of water and nutrients. Once they have found a good source, the tree begins to grow bigger, stronger roots in that direction. Because so many pipes are built from clay or PVC with joints, the littler “scout” roots are able to make it through the worn seals and find a plethora of nutrients. As a result, the tree begins to reach it’s larger roots through the piping, breaking through and causing leaks, clogs, or both.

A quality rooter works to locate these smaller roots, to find any source of breakage, and if he finds it necessary, to recommend new, seamless pipe lining. In this way, Mr. Sewer Rooter works to stop your sewer problems before they start with the kind of sewer cleaning that goes above and beyond your typical Los Angeles rooter service.

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