What to Look for in Your Rooter

We believe that when it comes to your rooter, you should only trust your home to the very best. For over 25 years, we have been dedicated to providing our clients with the kind of sewer and pipeline services that they can really rely on, and this dedication to your satisfaction is exactly why we have become Los Angeles’s Top Rated Local® plumbing and sewer service.

What to Look for When Choosing a Rooter Company

We understand that when you are looking for a rooter service, you may feel lost in the options. That is why we have put together a list of the essential things to look for in your sewer cleaning company, because our job, every day, is to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality plumbing services out there.

1 – Certifications

The first thing you should always look for in any plumbing company is their certifications. Make sure they are licensed to perform the work they say they do, in the area they are located. In addition, only hire a company that is insured so that you never have to worry about injury claims or damaged property.

Mr. Sewer Rooter is licensed and insured in the Los Angeles area for all of our rooter and sewer cleaning services, as well as hydro jetting, piping services and even street excavation.

2 – Check Reviews

Your neighbor will have more honest, practical advice about service companies than you will ever find online. It is important to read customer reviews for the company you want to employ so you know what to expect and can rest easy knowing that you are hiring a rooter that others in your area already trust.

As Los Angeles’s Top Rated Local® plumbing and sewer company, Mr. Sewer Rooter makes a point to make our customers happy. This means going above and beyond in order to ensure that we are not only meeting, but exceeding expectations.

3 – Where Is The Labor Coming From?

Hiring a sewer cleaning company that hires out day laborers and subcontractors means that you are letting people onto your property that may not be licensed, insured or even trained. That is why it is essential to hire a company that keeps all of its work in-house.

Mr. Sewer Rooter never uses day laborers or outside contractors. We respect our customers and we expect our employees to do so as well. This means you always get a consistent, trained and licensed rooter that comes with our seal of approval. Because we are family owned and operated, this also means that your rooter genuinely cares about the success of our company and the success of each job. We are passionate and proud of what we do— and that’s a little difference that goes a long way.

4 – Experience

You may have a licensed, honest sewer cleaning company, but without any experience, they will not get the job done right the first time. Look for service companies with over a decade of experience to ensure that you are getting only the very best.

We have been in business, serving the Los Angeles community with quality rooter and sewer cleaning services, for over 25 years. This means that you are getting an experienced professional every time.

Contact us today to learn more about our sewer cleaning services, and see why Mr. Sewer Rooter is setting the bar for rooter service in Los Angeles with every job we finish.

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