3 Debunked Plumbing Myths

In today’s world, there’s a very deep and rich irony. With the internet, we have access to massive amounts of information, more than anyone can consume over several lifetimes. The problem is, all of that hard data is mixed in with even more massive amounts of misinformation. As a result, bad info is able to make its way into the heads of otherwise intelligent people at frightening speeds.

As one of the premier drain cleaning services in Los Angeles, we’re relieved that, for the most part, the field of plumbing is pretty straightforward. But there are a couple of lingering myths we hear occasionally. So, we’re going to act as rumor control and give you the facts about the top 3.

  • Lemons will disinfect the garbage disposal-When you cut up a lemon and put it in your garbage disposal, that lemony scent will definitely mask the smell of more pungent odors. It just won’t get rid of germs. To do that, spray a mild cleaning solution down the drain. Let it sit for a while, scrub out the disposal with a brush, then flush it with warm water.
  • Ice cubes will sharpen garbage disposal blades-Sorry, not even close. Ice won’t sharpen up or clean those blades. However, ice is great for cleaning the disposal and breaking up grease. Put some ice cubes down the disposal and let it run briefly. The chips of ice will make their way into those hard-to-reach areas a brush can’t get to.
  • Sanitary and baby wipes are flushable-Do yourself, and your plumbing system, a favor. Never flush those wipes. They can create blockages by getting caught on uneven sewer pipes, plus they are not biodegradable.

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