4 Ways to Winterize Your Plumbing

Mr. Sewer Rooter

There’s a lot to love about living in Southern California. We’re close to beaches, we’ve got terrific food, and we usually are blessed with truly outstanding weather. But once in awhile, we get slammed with sub-zero temperatures. When that happens, the cold can cause big problems with our plumbing.

We’re all about offering affordable plumbing services to our customers, and one of the ways to help people save money is to prepare for a problem before it happens. Keep reading for 4 easy tips to keep your plumbing protected from winter.

  1. One of the biggest and most expensive problems you can run into are frozen pipes. To make matters worse, it can be tricky determining if they are frozen until it’s too late. But make a point of visiting your local hardware store, and pick up foam pipe sleeve covers or outdoor hose bib protectors.
  2. If you’ve got outside water fixtures, bring them inside. When the temperature drops, any water still left inside will freeze and damage the fixtures. Along with hoses, bring in garden fountains and birdbaths, then drain them until things warm up.
  3. During the duration of the cold weather, leave your indoor faucets on slightly for a small drip. The continuous flow of water through the pipes will be enough to ward off the freeze.
  4. Make sure your heating system is functional. Simply turn the heat on, then lace your hand near a vent to check for warm air. If your heating system bites the dust, your plumbing will be unprotected.
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