How Trenchless Pipe Replacement Works

Trenchless pipe replacement is what the name suggests: trenchless. This means that we can lay an entire piping system for your home without digging a massive trench that destroys your property. In addition, this trenchless system is seamless, which means that you have almost no root problems, leaks, or other issues associated with weak joints. Not only is a trenchless pipe replacement durable, but it is efficient, fast, and affordable. Learn more about these and other benefits of trenchless pipe repair, and call your Los Angeles pipe lining and repair experts today.

How It Works

While trenchless pipe replacement doesn’t require a trench, we will dig two small entry and exit holes on opposite sides of the piping system. With these in place, we are able to thread a cable through the first hole, through the old pipe, and up through the second hole. We then attach a pipe bursting head to the front of the new, polyurethane pipe and thread this through the steel cable. This allows us to break down the old pipe and replaces it with the new as it moves through the system. We pull the new piping all the way through to the exit hole where we disconnect the bursting head and make the finishing connections to your plumbing system.

After the piping is in place and we’ve made sure that it works well, we remove the cable and all of our equipment, and fill in the holes, doing our best to make your property seamless again. All of our technicians are passionate about what they do, and make sure to restore every home to its original glory so that you don’t have to sacrifice your property for your plumbing.

Because this process is simple and fairly easy for trained professionals, the entire replacement shouldn’t take more than one or two days. We’ll always let you know at the start of every project how long we expect it to take, as well as an estimated budget. Contact us today to learn more about our Los Angeles pipe lining services and our trenchless pipe repair and replacement. We are happy to help!

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