Tips for Dealing with Sewer Backups Part 1

When it comes to their sewer system, many citizens are not cognizant of any changes until something in their home’s plumbing breaks. When that happens, a common symptom is sewer backups. While this unwanted event feels like nothing but a gross occurrence, there can be more health hazards than people realize. In any case, the utilization of professional plumbing companies is necessary. Mr. Sewer Rooter has been providing sewer cleaning services to Los Angeles for over a quarter of a century and is eager to exceed your high expectations. We offer a multitude of plumbing solutions, from hydro jetting to complete sewer repair. With such a focus on customer satisfaction, our plumbers are ready to take care of any problems your home may be afflicted with. With 24/7 service and no off-hour charges, it’s easy to see why Mr. Sewer Rooter is so highly rated amongst past customers!

Helpful Tips for Dealing With Sewer Backups

If your home’s sewer system backs up, there are several things that need to be done, including:

  • Caution. Minimizing yours and others in the house’s exposure to waste materials is of utmost importance. Quarantining the incident area should be your first task. When a sewer backs up, the amount of contaminants and unhealthy materials delivered is staggering. Make sure to do anything possible to keep children and pets clear of the area. The risk to their health is not worth it!
  • More caution. If you’re in need of possessions in the affected area, make sure to put on adequate personal protective equipment (PPE). Rubber gloves and boots should be used to minimize the chances of exposure to harmful elements. Wearing a face mask is also advisable to reduce contact with airborne contaminants.
  • Evacuate. When all’s said and done, your main goal should be to leave the premises. However, there are a couple of things you can do to help minimize damage to the home. Protecting your HVAC system may need to be a priority if it is in harm’s way. First, make sure to switch off your home’s heating or cooling equipment. Keeping the vents clear is also important. We would recommend using old towels to surround vents in order to minimize invasive materials rummaging through your vents. In any case, getting the family and pets out is a top priority!
  • Call for help. Once you, the children, and pets are isolated from the disaster area, make sure to call a top-notch plumber right away. Customers often ask, and yes, this definitely constitutes as a need for emergency plumbing. Often times, a rooter service is needed to clear any real obstructions in the line, ranging from miscellaneous gunk to invasive tree roots. In the latter’s case, more extensive work may be needed. In any case, promptly calling a 24/7 plumber is vital for obtaining a speedy solution and preventing further damages.

Proper response measures and timing both work to minimize the damage done to your building. While these tips may be useful, they aren’t comprehensive enough to truly help. Next time, we’ll look into more tips that residents can use in case their sewer backs up on them. If you’re in need of emergency sewer cleaning in Los Angeles, Mr. Sewer Rooter can help! Contact us today to see how!

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