When to Call for Emergency Plumbing Services Part 2

The intricate plumbing running beneath your home is designed to work day-in and day-out without breaking down. However, factors such as debris and tree roots can work over time to create serious issues. When emergency plumbing services are needed, be sure to call a trusted professional for assistance. Mr. Sewer Rooter has excelled in rooter services and sewer cleaning in Los Angeles for nearly three decades. From sewer inspections to emergency plumbing repairs, we do it all! Today, we’ll continue off of last week’s blog concerning common plumbing issues and when you need to reach out for help. Attempting repairs on your own may be smart for saving some cash, but the risk of further damages or personal injury often makes personal plumbing repair an unattractive option. Mr. Sewer Rooter is here to protect you and your home 24/7!


There are multiple points in the home where leakage can present itself. If you see water damages forming anywhere in the home, the chances are very high that there is a lot more going on unseen behind the walls. Even the smallest leak can eventually cause a serious amount of damage. Regardless of what line is leaking, the health risks involved can make this an urgent issue. Beyond the structural concerns, moisture can lead to mold growth. The longer you put off contacting a professional plumber for help, the worse the problem can become. If left in a leaky state, the costs of cleanup and restoration will skyrocket. We recommend proactively finding and stopping any leaks in your home. If the problem area cannot be sourced, be sure to contact Mr. Sewer Rooter for assistance. The cost of a quick fix will be far preferable to financing a residential overhaul!

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If the lines in your home collapse or burst, one of the first things you’ll notice is foul-smelling water pooling up in your basement, yard, or so on. Water that runs freely from your sanitary sewer lines can create a host of structural issues for the home, as well as numerous health hazards for the neighborhood. Be sure to turn the water off immediately if your lines break and begin to perform damage abatement. Calling one of your local plumbing companies should be a top priority! If not fixed in a timely manner, the results can be disastrous. This issue is the one that should elicit an immediate call for help. Luckily for you, our sewer cleaning experts are available 24/7 with no extra service fees!

When issues arise in the home in regards to plumbing, many homeowners opt to fix the problem themselves. While our certified plumbers understand the motivation for this choice, oftentimes the plumbing problems are complex and require special tools and training. Our experts can quickly diagnose and repair virtually any problem, from simple drain cleaning services to pipe replacements. Since 1990, we’ve proudly performed plumbing repairs and sewer cleaning for Los Angeles homes and businesses. If something has gone awry in your home’s plumbing system, don’t put off the phone call! Mr. Sewer Rooter’s expert advice and services are available to help you. Contact us today for an appointment!

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