A Look into Root Problems with Your Go-To Sewer Cleaning Experts

Mr. Sewer Rooter

Many homeowners love the trees that grace their property. Having a source of shade and privacy are both common benefits that you can reap from fostering a healthy forest. However, hidden below the surface lies a web of dangers that can endanger your sewer lines. Tree roots are naturally inclined to invade these pipes, leading to a multitude of problems. As a company that provides some of the best sewer cleaning in Los Angeles, Mr. Sewer Rooter has seen this problem numerous times. Since 1990, our plumbers have provided California residents with a full range of plumbing services, from camera-fed sewer inspections to trenchless pipe replacements. If you’re in need of help, we’re ready and waiting to offer assistance!

Today, we’ll look at how tree roots can invade your pipes and some of the common ways to fix it. With Mr. Sewer Rooter, your residential and commercial plumbing needs are in good hands!


Over time, the pipes running beneath your house will start to crack or move. While generally fine, an unwanted byproduct of these natural processes is small amounts of vapor that escape out into the surrounding soil. The combination of warmth and moisture will call out to trees and their root systems as a place of sustenance. Roots will begin to slowly enter through these small cracks and fissures, growing to the point that the flow of your sewer will be impeded or completely blocked. The longer this occurs, the more likely it is that a full pipe replacement will be necessary. To combat this, homeowners and plumbers utilize a few different options.


When it comes time to remedy the situation, people have the options of:

  • Auger action. People often utilize a mechanical auger that can travel through the pipes and cut away any organic materials building up within. While this is useful for rectifying the blockage in the pipes, it does little as a long-term solution. More action will be needed to prevent further headaches.
  • Chemicals. There are dozens of options to choose from if you decide to use chemical warfare for your home. These solutions are handy in that they clear the organic problem at its source, creating an environment that is not healthy for tree roots to survive in. Essentially, the chemicals work to create a no-grow zone around your pipes, effectively preventing future issues.
  • Hydro jetting. Our power wash tool can help to quickly and cleanly blast away any roots plaguing your home. Once cleaned, our professionals can introduce a previously-mentioned chemical to ensure that the job is done. For more extensive damages, our trenchless pipe lining is ideal for sealing out issues.
  • Pipe bursting. Lines that are simply too damaged to be considered salvageable should be replaced to prevent future issues. Our state-of-the-art techniques allow us to send a new pipe through the works, breaking apart your old pipes and installing a new one. This technique is useful for bringing in a whole new device that is built to last and is more resistant to organic invasion. While not always the first choice, our trenchless pipe replacements offer the best in modern convenience and affordability.

While tree roots are a common problem for many homeowners, it’s important to take action now in order to prevent more dire issues in the future. Our Los Angeles sewer repair specialists are ready to give you the perfect solutions for your unique problem. Mr. Sewer Rooter focuses on customer satisfaction and reliable results to ensure that you’ll have peace of mind after everything’s said and done. From simple rooter services to full line replacements, our team is trained and ready to improve your home. If you need sewer cleaning for your Los Angeles home or business, feel free to contact us today to schedule an inspection!

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