The Dangers of Putting off Sewer Repair Services

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The Dangers of Putting Off Sewer Repair

Your modern home is full of parts and components, each working individually to provide convenience and safety to your family’s life. The plumbing running through (or under) the house can suffer from leaks at any time. When you notice a leak in your California home, it’s essential to reach out to one of the quality plumbing companies in your area. Finding a local plumber with years of experience can make life much easier for your family when the sewer system is malfunctioning. Mr. Sewer Rooter is here to provide quality sewer cleanings to Los Angeles, drawing on decades of experience and top-notch training to resolve the issues in your home in a timely fashion. While minor leaks may seem like no big deal, they can quickly escalate to costly errors. Today, we’ll look at a few issues that can arise when professional sewer repairs are not done in a timely manner.


Sanitary sewer lines are, by nature, carriers of foul odors. One issue that can quickly cause a headache is the presence of unwanted smells, all of which can stem from even a minor leak. If left neglected, these smells can grow in intensity and permanence, settling into the fabrics of nearby carpets, cushions, and so on. Contact our experts for quality plumbing services is important for avoiding this olfactory problem!


Human waste is inherently hazardous to be in close proximity to. When you notice a foul smell, unhygienic consequences are soon to follow. Avoiding repairs can exacerbate this issue, creating larger hazards that can sap you and your family’s quality of life.


Any area that is exposed to moisture without a fresh air supply can quickly grow a number of hazardous organisms. Mold is one major concern that can grow rapidly out of sight, creating problems for both the structure and its inhabitants. Repairing your sewer leak quickly can negate the air quality concerns associated with such problems.

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Rodents are naturally drawn moisture and refuse, and your sewer leak can offer both. If left unfixed, sewer leaks can draw in large numbers of mice and rats, creating an infestation that can be hard to beat. Our advice? Fix it ASAP!


The water bill may begin to surge if you are experiencing leaks in your water lines. Over the course of a year, these bill hikes can add up quickly, costing you a lot when compared to ordering a professional sewer inspection. Those who do not order timely sewer repairs may not worry about the minor sewer leaks. If left untouched, these leaks can grow worse in an exponential fashion, creating the chance of creating damages within your home. The cost of sewer cleaning and repair services will be minute when compared to replacing your basement flooring!

Minor sewer leaks may seem like a minor irritation, yet they can quickly become a source for catastrophe. Mr. Sewer Rooter is your source for sewer cleaning and repairs in Los Angeles, delivering comprehensive services to get your life back on track. From drain cleaning to trenchless pipe replacements, our certified plumbers are ready to get the job done. Contact us today to learn more or to order your repair or rooter service!

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