Sewer Care Tips to Keep Your Home Plumbing Healthy Part 1

Every person has been there: experiencing a slow, clogged drain that refuses to accept water in a timely fashion. While going out and buying a drain opener sounds like a smart choice, it can actually end up doing more harm than good. While many Californians probably do not concern themselves with their home’s plumbing on a daily basis, it is important to take the proper steps to ensure the long-term health and safety of your sewer lines. As a provider of top-notch hydro-jetting and plumbing services, Mr. Sewer Rooter is here to help you. Since 1990, our professional plumbers have provided industry-leading sewer cleaning to Los Angeles homes, covering a wide range of services. Today, we’ll look at a few maintenance tips that may prove helpful in keeping your residential plumbing healthier for longer. As your rooter plumbing specialists, we strive to help our clients in any way we can!


While that slow drain of yours is annoying, Mr. Sewer Rooter recommends avoiding any chemical-laden cleaning products. While often effective for clearing out hair and gunk, these cleaners actually eat away at the interior of your pipes over time. Oftentimes, clogs that are fixed in this fashion tend to come back, necessitating the need for further chemical treatments. The end result can be frail, leaking pipes that will require emergency plumbing services down the road. Our advice? Contact your local plumbing company for a fast, efficient repair that is sure the last a long time.

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Clogs represent more than an annoyance for residents. When your drainage system becomes backed up, the resulting water pressure can put a lot of stress on all of the plumbing. Those once-proud sewer lines will now be working less efficiently and have a shorter lifespan. While contacting Mr. Sewer Rooter for sewer cleaning services will be useful for fixing the clog and alleviating water pressure, prevention is the best tactic overall.

Being mindful of what you put down your drain is the most efficient and affordable style in home plumbing maintenance. This includes minimizing what goes into your toilet, what debris makes it down your drains, and how much food is placed in the kitchen sink. From active observation for issues to installing screens over the drains in your home, several methods can be used to minimize unwanted objects interacting with your sanitary line. The result is often a healthier plumbing system that lasts longer and costs far less to repair throughout its lifetime.

Take care of your home’s plumbing system and it will take care of you. While this mantra isn’t always spot-on, it is useful to give homeowners the motivation to get in the habit of taking care of their pipes in order to avoid emergency issues. In our next blog, we’ll continue this topic by discussing the value of reducing water pressure and how removing hard minerals can help your sewer line last longer. Mr. Sewer Rooter is proud to be a top source for sewer cleaning in Los Angeles, providing a wide range of services to ensure that we exceed our customers’ high expectations. Contact us today to schedule your plumbing service!

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