Common Plumbing Problems Found in Older Houses Part 2

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Today’s consumers are often looking for beautiful, affordable homes that provide personality in addition to comfort. One approach many people take is the task of purchasing and continually renovating an old home. While older properties hold a plethora of positives for the homeowner, it’s important to remember that residences on the antique end of the spectrum tend to hold their own collection of challenges. The plumbing that runs through aging houses is often rife with damages, corrosion, and more. While sewer repairs are not commonly needed, they can become very costly if the damage underneath your home is extensive. Beyond repairs, our trained plumbers offer optimal sewer cleaning to Los Angeles homes, delivering results that are fast, effective, and affordable. Mr. Sewer Rooter is here to provide comprehensive plumbing services for your home, ranging from simple sewer inspections to trenchless pipe replacements.

Our certified plumbers are here and ready to rectify any emergencies that pop up in your older home. Today, we’ll continue to look into regular plumbing problems found in aging houses. If you’re dealing with a plumbing emergency, we are available to help 24/7!


The daily wear and tear on outdated systems can have a major effect on how efficient the sewer lines are in your home. Between small, invisible leaks and outdated components, the flow of water and waste through your home may not be efficient enough to keep the space sanitary and clean. Not being able to operate efficiently can lead to backups and failures, both of which can warrant a midnight call to your Los Angeles plumbing company.


Over the past decades, your home may have experienced previous failures that required comprehensive plumbing repairs. Unfortunately, the process of fitting newer parts onto older components can lead to issues down the line. In addition to the complications associated with retrofitting plumbing supplies, some homes may be afflicted with ineffective repairs. From professional plumbers with outdated techniques to defective homeowner repairs, older homes are more likely to have issues due to repeat problems.

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No matter how well you maintain your home’s sewer system, it will eventually come to the end of its lifespan. While the age of your pipes may vary, it’s important to know that every material holds limited longevity. While the water heater requires replacement every 10 to 15 years, copper piping can last upwards of eight decades. The deterioration of your plumbing system is a long process that is often very easy to see before serious problems develop. Our residential and commercial plumbing experts can assist with regular maintenance and walkthrough procedures to ensure that no surprises develop.

Keeping your older home in good condition will provide a wide range of benefits. It’s important, though, to be vigilant when it comes to sewer issues and plumbing repairs. Mr. Sewer Rooter is here for comprehensive pipe services and sewer cleaning in Los Angeles, delivering results that are as effective as they are timely. If your home is in the midst of a plumbing emergency, or you’re concerned about the condition of your sewer line, be sure to contact us today for service!

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