The Great Flush Debate Part 2

In last week’s epic blog, we covered several common items that unfortunately make it into your sewer lines via your toilet. Flushing down those household products often ends up in an emergency plumbing service call. This unfortunate consequence typically requires a professional rooter service to rectify the issue. Mr. Sewer Rooter has been completing these sewer cleaning services throughout Los Angeles for more than two decades. Today, we’ll work to save you a headache by describing a few more items that definitely should not be traveling down your sewer pipes.

Things To Avoid Putting In Your Toilet

  • Dental floss. It often seems too convenient not to flush the floss. However, this waxy string is not biodegradable, meaning it’ll be in your sewer line for an extended stay. Additionally, its stringy nature means that it’ll act as a catalyst for future clogs. The last thing you want is some string in your plumbing wrapping onto and entrapping other materials.
  • Cat litter. Again, it seems very opportune to simply drop the cat’s waste into your toilet; surely the kitty won’t mind. Litter is typically made up of materials such as sand and even clay that can create chaos for your sewer lines. From an environmental standpoint, cat litter is riddled with bacteria and chemicals that can pollute the water and harm the fish inhabiting it. An additional concern would be the threat of parasites to impacted ecosystems.
  • Medications. Continuing on the eco-friendliness of toilet flushing is the habit of removing your meds via the porcelain express. At first thought, disposing of your unwanted prescriptions seems like a wise maneuver. This way, the drugs are disposed of in a way that equates to humans or animals being unable to ingest it. Flushing these sorts of materials, though, can be very dangerous to the environment and the wildlife. Fish are often at the epicenter for water contamination from prescription medications.
  • Diapers. Although the task is difficult, people do manage to flush down used diapers. Although this makes sense logically (waste=toilet), diapers will cause immediate problems in your plumbing. A thorough rooter service will be in order to fix this catastrophe. Our advice? Stay far away from the restroom when disposing of these plastic time-bombs.
  • Condoms. Prophylactics such as this are a nightmare for septic tanks as well as treatment plants. Comprised of latex, these guys can cause major clogs at any point in your plumbing. Often times, blockages caused by this item comes from a lack of education. We would hazard the conclusion that there isn’t much literature out there for the dangers of flushing condoms. Diagnosing and repairing this sort of disaster can be easily avoided!

When it comes down to it, only waste and toilet paper should be traversing your home’s sewer lines. Failing to adhere to this ideology could result in costly sewer repairs. At the least, you’ll be paying for minor plumbing services. Following this rule will help to prevent any headaches associated with plumbing problems. For those who are already in the midst of their own sewer issues, we offer high-quality sewer cleaning services in the Los Angeles area. With almost thirty years of experience, we’ve seen it all during our sewer inspections. Facing clogs and pipe breaks? Don’t delay, contact us today!

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