Tips for Maintaining Your Septic System Part 1

Any homeowner with a septic system knows the headaches that can be caused when the tank fails to operate properly. The purpose of a septic system is to hold and decompose the waste that traverses your sewer lines. Your septic tank holds a host of bacterial organisms that help to separate floating materials and solid waste from the actual wastewater. There are a number of reasons why this tank system can fail, causing chaos in and around your home. When this occurs, sewer repairs may be in your future. If you are in need of sewer cleaning in Los Angeles, look no further! Mr. Sewer Rooter is your source for professional sewer repairs and rooter service. For almost thirty years, we have been offering excellent plumbing services coupled with excellent customer service. When it comes to sewer repair, we’ve seen it all. Your septic system can run for many years with minimal issues if proper steps are taken to keep it in optimal shape. These steps often consist of:


Whenever H2O runs down your drains, it ultimately ends up in your septic tank. Reducing the amount of water your household uses can do a lot for reducing the strain on your septic system. Increasing the overall water efficiency of your home will benefit you in a number of ways. Simple ways to reduce your water usage include:

  • Fixing leaks. The dripping or seeping of appliances such as toilets and sinks can result in massive amounts of water hitting your septic tank over time. Fixing these items will doubly help you in the plumbing and billing departments.
  • Installing high-efficiency toilets. The cost of putting in a new toilet that uses less water will quickly be offset by the amount of money saved via water consumption. If it helps elongate the health of your septic system, the savings will be even better!
  • Responsible habits. There is a plethora of options available to people that can alleviate the effects of excessive water consumption. Habits such as running a small load of laundry and leaving the faucet on while brushing your teeth can send hundreds, if not thousands, of gallons surging toward your septic tank.

When it comes to your septic system, proper maintenance and repairs can help to keep the whole machine running strong for many years. Next week, we’ll look at additional tips for keeping your sewer system in tip-top condition. If you’re in need of emergency plumbing or sewer cleaning services in Los Angeles, give us a call. Our knowledgeable staff will work hard to exceed your high expectations. Don’t delay — contact us today!

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