We Discuss Traditional Trenching Versus Trenchless Pipe Lining and Repairs

Over the years, technology has evolved to provide a wide range of benefits for humanity. While you are likely aware of the cell phone in your pocket and the convenience of your garage door remote, chances are that you are not as up to date with plumbing services and pipe repairs. One key technology that can benefit homeowners all across the country is pipeless pipe replacement. California homeowners looking for fast and effective results for their property can benefit from contacting Mr. Sewer Rooter for unbeatable results. For 28 years, our local plumbing company has honed our services to provide high-quality sewer cleaning and pipe lining to Los Angeles homes.

Our team specializes trenchless pipe services, but we can also provide traditional trenching if need be. Today, we’ll highlight the values of each option, as well as the quality that our team can provide for your property. If you’re in need of affordable plumbing solutions, be sure to contact us today!


Since the dawn of modern plumbing, repairs have consisted of a professional plumber working in coordination with an excavation crew to unearth the broken piece. This method provides reliable results, as your local plumbing companies likely have plenty of experience in excavating and repairing sewer lines. Modern practices and manufacturing have helped to make this process relatively affordable, but keep in mind that anything on the surface above your sewer line will need to be removed. Gardens, sidewalks, and even large driveways have been scrapped for traditional pipe repairs.


Mr. Sewer Rooter’s success can be attributed to our dedication to customer service and the modern technologies we’ve relied on to provide outstanding results for your California home. Unlike plumbing services of the past century, today’s professionals are able to provide consistently reliable results that minimize the disturbance to both your daily life and property. Our team deploys a hydraulic machine to deliver both pipe lining and pipe replacement services, both of which may ideal for your home.

Pipe Bursting

As the moniker entails, pipe bursting consists of bursting your existing line while replacing it with an entirely new pipe. Instead of digging up your existing lawn, the plumbing company you hired will be able to run a cable through the existing line, only requiring access at each end. The result is two small entry points that allow our plumbing specialists to run a pipe-bursting head via a cable to seamlessly break apart your old line and replace it with a new one in the existing space. Los Angeles homeowners interested in pipe bursting will be happy to learn that our pipe replacement pros only use new, heat-fused, seamless high-density polyethylene pipes for long-lasting results. The results of our trenchless pipe replacements will be almost unseen on the surface, but you’ll benefit from decades of coverage.

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Pipe Lining

Instead of trenchless pipe replacement services, we can also provide pipe linings to restore the strength and integrity of your existing system. Your plumbing company will utilize a fiberglass resin to line or coat the interior walls of your plumbing, often relying on a rubber pipe to transport the new materials to the problem spot in your plumbing line. Once the device has reached the leak, this pipe will inflate to conform to the walls of the sewer line, creating a smooth, consistent finish that keeps exterior problems outside.

Pipe lining can provide convenient, affordable, and long-lasting results for your property. Be sure to contact us today to learn more about our pipe lining for Los Angeles homes!

Unimpacted Landscapes

One of the biggest benefits of our trenchless pipe linings and replacements is that they leave the existing surfaces intact. Beyond those two entry points needed to run a cable from end to end, the rest of your landscaping and paving will be left untouched. This is ideal for most California homeowners, as the turnaround time and impact of traditional trenching can cause

Versatile Sizing Solutions

The process of pipe bursting allows your contractors to replace the existing line with any pipe size is needed, upsizing or downsizing as needed for an ideal fit. Our team will install high-quality HDPE pipes to deliver the perfect outcome on the first try.

Affordable Outcomes

The upfront costs of traditional pipe replacement services can be more affordable than trenchless pipe options, but keep in mind that the ongoing budget for earthwork services and the cost of redoing your landscaping or concrete slab may make trenchless pipe repairs a much more affordable option. Mr. Sewer Rooter is here to deliver professional results that require little maintenance over decades of use, minimizing the need for future sewer repairs. We can deliver professional results to restore your home’s sewer system. Customers can call us for references to clients that have found long-lasting results from the Sewer Rooter team!

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