Why Hydro Jetting Is the Best Way to Clear A Sewer Line

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If you’ve noticed your home or business has multiple clogged drains or if you notice sewage water backing up, you may have a blockage in your sewage line. Hair, grease and oil buildup, and tree roots can cause major problems in your line if left unaddressed.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a drain-clearing technique used by plumbing professionals. It involves shooting highly pressurized water through the sewage lines. Thanks to the massive pressure, the blockage is easily cleared, taking with it any grease or build-up that may line the walls of your sewage line. Hydro jetting is only one way to clear your sewer lines, but it’s also one of the most effective.

  • Environmentally Friendly - While it’s true that this method of sewer clearing uses a lot of water in order to obtain results, traditional methods may cause more harm to the environment. Other methods of clearing a sewer line may utilize harsh chemicals that cause harm to the environment or ecosystem when introduced. With hydro jetting, the only thing being introduced to the environment is the water itself.

  • Prevents Future Drain Blockages - In addition to clearing a persistent block from your sewer lines, hydro jetting clears all buildup, helping to prevent future blockages and other issues that could arise. Grease and oil can cling to the inside of your line and trap hair or other debris that finds its way down your drains. Hydro jetting a new residence or place of business is a great way to ensure you won’t have any clogs or draining issues for a long time.

  • Cost-Effective - As mentioned previously, hydro jetting cleans your entire sewer line. Less buildup means fewer areas for new blockages to form, which means you get to avoid additional calls and visits from your plumber. Hydro jetting may generally run more expensive than more traditional methods of line clearing, but ensuring your sewage lines and home are protected from blockages makes it more than worth it.

  • More Effective than Traditional Drain Cleaning - Overall, hydro jetting clears blockages and stops the problem before it starts. Traditional clearing methods, such as snaking, clear the blockage but leave buildup and are useless against issues caused by tree roots or other large debris. The high pressure of the water blasts through any clogs or debris the sewer line and clears any buildup that may be left clinging to the sides of your sewer line in traditional cleaning methods.

  • Multi-Functional - Hydro-jetting sounds like the kind of high-powered sewer clearing reserved for specialized lines, but the reality is that hydro jet cleaning works on almost all commercial and residential sewage lines. Mr. Sewer Rooter utilizes over 4,000 psi of pressurized water to your line. The high pressure of the water can eradicate stubborn clogs a typical drain snake may not be able to handle, and can even power through invasive tree roots.

The Importance of Professional Service

Hydro jetting should only be performed by trained plumbing professionals. The process to begin hydro jetting involves an inspection of the lines with a small camera to check the condition of the pipes and the blockage itself. Sometimes, if a home or business has older, more fragile pipes, hydro jetting may actually harm the pipes as opposed to clearing them.

If the inspection shows that your lines are a good match for the process, hydro jetting is the best way to ensure your sewage lines get clear and stay clear. It can save you money by preventing other problems your sewer lines may face in the future and it’s a viable solution for commercial and residential use.

Why Choose Mr. Sewer Rooter?

Mr. Sewer Rooter can ensure your lines are a good candidate for hydro jetting by inspecting your sewer lines ahead of time and checking the condition of the line. Once the procedure is completed and the line is clear, our team checks once more to ensure that your line is clear and everything is in order. With almost thirty years of experience, we’ve seen it all during our sewer inspections.

Call Mr. Sewer Rooter at (323) 688-4565 or contact us online to schedule a hydro jetting service in Los Angeles!

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