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Can Your Pipes Handle Movember?

Can Your Pipes Handle Movember?

How’s your Movember mustache coming along? If you’re participating in the yearly tradition, good for you! Your carefully cultivated facial hair is raising awareness of crucial men’s health issues while also making you look like a complete badass.

However, when you want to return to your clean-cut appearance after come December, heed this word of warning: shaving off a large amount of facial hair at once can lead to clogged drains and pipes.

Here are some shaving tips that will spare your plumbing problems.


Remove Excess Hair with Scissors

Trim what you can with scissors to make the bulk of your trimmings a little more manageable. Let them fall to the floor and sweep or vacuum them up. Then, tackle the rest with an electric razor, being careful to let the whiskers fall in a drain protector in the sink.


Use an Electric Razor

When you shave with a blade, the hair will come off with the cream, forming a paste that will most likely go down the drain. While this is fine for shaving off a day’s worth of stubble, removing a thick beard is a different story. An electric razor makes it easy to shave thick beard growth without the risk of cuts, and less hair will go down the drain.


Protect Your Drain

If you want to shave at the sink, put some paper towels down over the drain. That way, you can pick up most of the fallen hair and wipe up the rest without it clogging the sink.

Have you done a little too much shaving at the sink, and now you’re dealing with a clogged pipe? There’s no need to worry when the Los Angeles sewer experts are here to save the day. Contact the team at Mr. Sewer Rooter online or by phone at (323) 688-4565, and we’ll get you unclogged in no time.