Are Bath Bombs Bad For Your Plumbing?

Your plumbing can withstand a lot of accidental mishaps. Every foreign object that makes its way down your drain has the potential to break it. Most times, these objects don’t cause an immediate problem. After time and buildup, your plumbing system can begin to show the signs of serious issues. Sometimes the culprit is the least suspecting items. So, if you weren’t aware, you should make a note today: bath bombs ruin plumbing. They seem so innocuous with their bright hues and sweet smells, but they can wreak havoc on your plumbing system. Now that you’re informed, it’s easier to save your plumbing when you know it needs protecting.

How Bath Bombs Harm Plumbing

Bath bombs contain simple ingredients that, when combined, never fully dissolve in your bathwater. These lovely smelling offenders are a mixture of salts and oils. Much like in your kitchen, oils should never go down your sink. The salts and oils from bath bombs don’t dissolve completely, and the residues linger behind in your plumbing, waiting to band together to form a blockage. The salt lingering in your pipes will mix with the oils and form a problem that ruins all the relaxation you got from your calming bath. The basic bath bomb includes fragrant oils and salts, but your higher-end fancy bath bombs have pieces of potpourri and debris that could spell even more trouble for your plumbing system.

Protecting Your Plumbing System

If your Valentine’s Day plans involve an evening spent at home with a bath bomb bubble bath, then you’ll want to know how to avoid the post-bath bomb plumbing nightmare. Simple DIY remedies like preparing a hot vinegar rinse to descale your pipes or creating a bath bomb sachet to protect your system from debris are just two easy preventative measures you can employ with items around the house.

Here are some ideas for protecting your plumbing from bath bombs:

  • Employ a hot vinegar rinse: Pour a cup of vinegar down your drain and let it sit for 5 minutes. Follow the vinegar with boiling water, which will help remove the oils from your drain.
  • If that doesn’t work, you want to be more proactive by creating a bath bomb pouch that prevents the residues and debris from going down your drain.
  • You could also insert a mesh drain cover to prevent debris from going down your drain.
  • If all else fails, you can call in the professionals!

Knowing When it’s Time for Professional Drain Cleaning

The solution doesn’t have to be to give up your favorite relaxation routine. You can protect your drain by using some of the tips we’ve suggested. The important thing to remember is your plumbing is susceptible to bath bombs and any foreign materials other than those intended to go down the drain. If you’ve done all the right things and you’ve been as careful as possible, but your drains are still moving slowly, it’s time to call in the professionals from Mr. Sewer Rooter. We can get your system unclogged and moving smoothly in no time.

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