Here at Mr. Sewer Rooter, we strive to impress our customers with top-quality plumbing services and innovative techniques. People looking for pipe lining solutions in Los Angeles will be happy to hear that we are expertly trained in trenchless pipe lining services. As we covered previously, trenchless pipe repair and replacement is now a very convenient process. Customers worried about the cost and intensity of replacing their sewer line will be at ease once we explain the technique of pipe bursting to them.

dreamstime_xxl_31384907No, pipe bursting isn’t an explosive disaster that requires emergency plumbing services. Essentially, the process starts with the excavating of two ends of the sewer line in question. These insertion and reception pits are the only points of excavation and can easily be filled and repaired once plumbing service are completed. Once cleared, a pulling cable is fed through the reception end until it reaches the light on the other side. A bursting head is attached to the end of this cable with the new, flexible replacement pipe trailing behind the head. We then recall the cable, pulling the bursting head into contact with the old pipes. Composed of steel, this component then breaks apart the old pipe, clearing the path for shiny new high-density polyethylene (HDPE) lines. The tip of the bursting head is smaller than the finned tail (that does the smashing) to enable proper guidance of the new pipe. Otherwise, your trenchless pipe replacement might end in more repairs! With over two decades of experience, Mr. Sewer Rooter expertly avoids these types of issues.

Once the bursting head is pulled to the end of the pipe section we’re replacing, the new pipe is now set and ready to Zbe connected to the existing lines. We’ll make sure everything is perfect, then it’s on to filling in the access points and restoring the landscaping to its normal beauty. The overall process is fairly straightforward and can be accomplished in one or two days. Our expert staff will take every step to ensure that our services will leave as little of an impact on your property as possible. Customer service is what drives us to be the best plumbing company.


Pipe bursting can be used in a variety of ways to suit a plethora of purposes. Other types of pipelines have been replaced using very similar techniques. The process of resizing pipes to increase capacity and flow is also very common for water and sewer services. Outdated service lines can now be upgraded one section at a time to reduce the strain on traffic control and to preserve the surrounding landscape. There are also several types of tube bursting that can be utilized based on the job’s needs. Common pipe bursting methods include:

  • Hydraulic
  • Static pipe
  • Lateral
  • Pneumatic

The methods and uses for pipe bursting are numerous. Our certified, trained technicians can replace your sewer pipes with little damage to the property. Anyone looking for pipe replacement and pipe lining in the Los Angeles area will not be disappointed with our results. With a 100-year life expectancy, our pipe replacements should give you the ultimate peace of mind. Contact us now to see how we can use this technology to save your place!