When it comes to sewer cleaning in Los Angeles, Mr. Sewer Rooter is the best. Our expert staff has the knowledge and skills to perform high-quality drain cleaning services. One major factor in our 20 years of success is our utilization of the best plumbing repair techniques. Hydro jetting is one of these efficient methods and can effectively blast your sewer lines’ walls to a sparkling clean finish. Sometimes, a standard rooter service is not enough to completely clear a blockage or clogs are a common occurrence. In either case, pressure and water can be the answer!


Hydro jetting has its own set of benefits and positives that can make it a very attractive option for home and business owners. Customers who are receiving a sewer cleaning service can expect:

  • Efficiency
    • The extreme amount of pressure (4,000 psi!) used in hydro jetting makes it a very effective method for clearing clogs. On top of ousting any clog, it also cleans the sewer pipe completely. Compared to traditional rooter services, hydro jetting removes all residue built up within the pipes. This is a two-fold advantage — your lines are very clear and much less likely to sustain any more blockage in the future. Residual buildup is a common culprit in repeat sewer issues.
  • Fiscal Savings
    • Typically, a customer can expect to pay a little more to have their lines hydro jetted. While this seems like a disadvantage now, the previously mentioned cleaning prowess of pressure cleaning means you will face far less issues in the future. Any time your plumbing suffers a setback, money is needed for plumbing services. Reducing the number of calls you make to a plumber reduces the strain on your wallet. Additionally, hydro jetting can save time, and we all know time is money. Less time spent in your residence means less money you’ll have to pay for the services.
  • Eco-Friendliness
    • Using H2O in hydro jetting is a more sound approach when it comes to the impact on our environment. The amount of chemicals used in more standard rooter plumbing approaches adds up over the course of a job. With hydro jetting, all we use is water and pressure. Simply using water allows us much more flexibility with where we can perform our plumbing services as well.
  • Versatility
    • The beauty of this system is that it can work on sewer lines of all sizes. We don’t see any job as being too big and there certainly is no job too small! Whether you need assistance at home or in the workplace, Mr. Sewer Rooter can help.


If you’re facing a clog or reoccurring blockages, hydro jetting may be in your future. With its ease and efficiency, you’ll surely be impressed with the results. Once we complete or cleaning, a sewer camera will be used to show the results. When it comes to complete customer satisfaction, Mr. Sewer Rooter knows best! We’ve been performing effective sewer cleaning services in Los Angeles since 1990. Don’t let other plumbing companies disturb your life with high costs and inefficient methods. Contact us now so we can prove that we deserve to be your top plumbing company!