gallery2Hydro jetting is a different alternative to rooter snaking. While the rooter snake simply just punches a hole through clogs and debris, the hydro jetter uses highly-pressurized water (up 4,000 psi) which scours the inside of your pipe lining to remove anything in its way.

How Does Hydro Jet Cleaning Work?

1. Inspect the sewer line.
The first thing our Los Angeles rooters do is run their sewer cameras into an access point or clean-out port to see the condition of the line. In this way, we can determine if hydro jetting the line is the best solution.

2. Hydro jet the line.
Once the line is inspected, our technicians insert a special hose and a cone-shaped cleaning head which can deliver over 4,000 psi of pressurized water to the line. Several passes are done with the hydro jet to ensure the line is clear.

3. Ensure the line is clear.
The sewer line is checked once again with the sewer camera to ensure that any roots or build up have been removed and that the line is functioning correctly.

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