Sewer Camera Inspections

Sewer Camera Inspection in Los Angeles

View the Insides of Your Pipes with Mr. Sewer Rooter

Video sewer inspections allow us and customers like you to see the inside of your sewer lines. At Mr. Sewer Rooter, we use fiber optic cameras to inspect your line accurately from beginning to end in order to see any needed repairs. This eliminates any guesswork as well as doing unnecessary work onto your line. We also use an electronic locator that allows our technicians to accurately pinpoint where the problem is. 

If you need a sewer camera inspection in Los Angeles, request a free estimate online from Mr. Sewer Rooter. 

How We Conduct Sewer Camera Inspection in Los Angeles 

Before this innovation, sewer and drain professionals would need to excavate and expose the sewer lines to determine the issue. The technicians would also just have to rely on guesswork because they had no way to see the inside of the pipeline. Thanks to video inspection, our pipe inspection experts can now accurately diagnose your sewer line issue without unnecessary digging and paying more for excavation repairs.

The steps for our sewer camera inspection are as follows:

  • Cleaning out the access - In order for our plumbers to perform the video sewer inspection, they will need some kind of access or clean-out point to insert the cameras and inspect the line. Once they have found an access, they will look for any backups or standing water in the line. If the line is backed up with water, our technicians won’t be able to see anything but water and debris. In this case, the team would have to clean the line by rooter snaking or hydro jetting.
  • Inspecting the sewer – Our technicians will run the tiny sewer cameras into your line as you watch along. If our technicians see a problem, you’ll be able to see it as well. The line is inspected from the point of access all the way to the city main. We also provide a DVD recording if you’d like to keep a copy of the inspection for your records.
  • Pinpointing the problems - If our team sees any problems they feel need to be fixed, they will go ahead and use their electronic locator to accurately pinpoint where the problem is above ground. Using this information, our technicians are able to give you an accurate diagnosis of your line as well as options on how to go about fixing the problem. Our Los Angeles sewer camera inspection technicians will give you a free estimate with right-fit options to meet your time and budgetary needs.

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If you suspect a problem with your sewer line because of frequent sewage back-ups or multiple clogged drains, let our experts help you. We can schedule a sewer camera inspection for your home to identify and solve the problem right away.

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