street1Trenchless pipe lining, also referred to as a cure-in-place pipe (CIPP), is where a pipe is created within the existing pipe with special epoxy resins. Pipe liner will cover separated joints or cracks in the existing pipe while reinforcing the structural strength of the new pipes. Using our high-tech equipment, we can do this without ripping up your lawn, your driveway, your hardscaping, or your gorgeous landscaping.

How does trenchless pipe lining work?

1. Find the problem.
Our technicians will accurately determine what needs to be “lined.” Once they have accurately diagnosed the pipes, they’ll carefully dig only one small hole to install the Pipe Liner. Just like you’ve heard that minimally invasive surgery doesn’t leave scars, you’ll say that Mr. Sewer Rooter didn’t leave any scars either.

2. Clean the Pipe to prep for Pipe Liner.
Before installing the pipe liner, our technicians will have to clean out all roots or debris from the pipe in order to return the pipe back to its original functioning diameter whether it is a 4” drain pipe or a 6” sewer line. To do this, our rooters will use the hydrojetter, which uses highly-pressurized water (up to 4,000 psi) to clean the pipe.

3. Install the Pipe Liner.
Once the pipe is cleaned and cleared from roots and debris, the technicians are ready to install the pipe liner. They will measure the length of the pipe that needs to be lined and cut it to that specific length. Once the liner is cut, a two-part epoxy is mixed (one of them being the activator which causes the epoxy to harden) and poured into the felt liner. The liner, which is saturated with the epoxy resin, is then installed into the existing pipe, the bladder or “balloon” is inflated afterwards and then the curing begins. Usually it takes about one hour and 30 minutes for the resin to harden and cure, but this time depends on both temperature and length. Once cured, the “balloon” is pulled out, leaving a complete structural pipe within your existing pipe.

4. Inspection.
To ensure that the job was done right, the technicians will run their video camera down the pipe to inspect the work. You will receive a DVD recording of this as well.

Mr. Sewer Rooter offers a 10-year warranty for trenchless pipe lining in Los Angeles. We can line 3”, 4”, and 6” lines, so contact us today!